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What is this vim talk all about?

Oh no! Another vim post! Well... yes. I have seen a lot of people criticizing vim before even trying it, so I am going to try and explain my history with it and what I like about it. If you aren't aware, vim is a text editor that is normally... Read more

Setting up a personal Git server

Running a personal Git server is something that has been on my mind for quite a long time. One of the most popular solutions I have seen around is Gitea. A couple of months ago, when trying out different things, I decided to run Gitea locally to see how easy... Read more

Blocking connections on Android

I have been a user of NetGuard for quite some time. It is a great Android app that lets you control which apps get Internet access and which don't. The paid version will allow you to block connection on a per-domain basis (for each app), as well as let you... Read more

My journey through desktop environments

My first experience with GNU/Linux was with KDE. It is the desktop environment used on my college computers, and it was more or less the only experience I had with the GNU/Linux operative system, so it was the desktop environment I installed at home (at that point I don't think... Read more

Use web feeds!

Web feeds are data formats used to provide users with updates through web syndication. Websites can use web feeds to post their content in a format that allows users to easily check for updates regularly. Examples of web feeds are Atom, RSS or JSON Feed. The most popular is RSS,... Read more