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Follow TV shows with web feeds

I am quite strict about which messages make it to a push notification on my phone. I don't like to receive notifications unless they are important or urgent. The same thing happens with emails—indeed, it's one of the few applications which have notifications enabled. However, I also don't want to... Read more

New home server

During this past year, I have been coming up with a variety of services that I want to host from home. The problem was that I didn't have a computer to host them on, so I decided to buy one before my Christmas vacation, when I would have time to... Read more

Gemini's different approach to links

I have lately been reading many pages on Gemini. There has been a lot of interest around it on the blogs/microblogs I follow, which has lead to me check it out as well. The project is very interesting, and if you have ever been interested in how much bandwidth the... Read more

Give back to free and open source software

Most people make use of free and open source software—or services based on it—that is made available to the public for free. And I mean free, not services that you pay with your data, but those that are truly free of cost. Projects that rely on donations, grants, and the... Read more

Improving ergonomics: the Atreus keyboard

Back in March, at the start of the lockdown, I had a lot of free time. I also had a lot of ideas for personal projects and functionalities for my server, so I started coding a lot. I realized that since I was spending a lot of time on my... Read more