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What is this vim talk all about?

Oh no! Another vim post! Well... yes. I have seen a lot of people criticizing vim before even trying it, so I am going to try and explain my history with it and what I like about it. If you aren't aware, vim is a text editor that is normally... Read more

My journey through desktop environments

My first experience with GNU/Linux was with KDE. It is the desktop environment used on my college computers, and it was more or less the only experience I had with the GNU/Linux operative system, so it was the desktop environment I installed at home (at that point I don't think... Read more

On not caring about your privacy

When talking about violations of our privacy, I've found that most people don't care because it is a thing that happens "far away" (who in that huge enterprise cares about me, my browsing habits, etc.?). I can see where those people are coming from, it looks as if you are... Read more

Centralized, decentralized and distributed networks

When we are trying to understand a communications network, having an approximate image of how the network operates can be very valuable. Do all communications go through the same node? Is there a central authority? Can nodes communicate directly with each other? Depending on how the network operates, we can... Read more

New domain name:

After a lot of thought, I have decided to change my domain to My website should be completely moved, however other services (including my email) are still under the domain, I will move them progressively when I have time to do so.... Read more