Category: Personal domain

Switching to my own static site generator

Since the start of this website (its first anniversary was a couple of weeks ago!) until recently, I have been using the static site generator Hugo. Static site generators are very useful when building relatively complex static websites, and Hugo has served me well. I have also used Lektor and... Read more

Setting up a personal Git server

Running a personal Git server is something that has been on my mind for quite a long time. One of the most popular solutions I have seen around is Gitea. A couple of months ago, when trying out different things, I decided to run Gitea locally to see how easy... Read more

A lighter website

Following up with the last post, I decided to make my website even faster (which probably doesn't make a difference anymore). The logo My pages (HTML only) were about 21KB (without compression), but 11KB of those consisted of an SVG that appeared in all of them: the logo. The logo... Read more

A lightweight website

Since the start of this site, having a lightweight website has been one of my priorities. Every file served has been minimized, you won't see any pictures that aren't vector graphics (except for the favicon.ico file) and users don't need to download fonts or JavaScript libraries. On top of that,... Read more

New domain name:

After a lot of thought, I have decided to change my domain to My website should be completely moved, however other services (including my email) are still under the domain, I will move them progressively when I have time to do so.... Read more