Welcome, internauts!

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Oscar Benedito and I am a 25-year-old from Barcelona. I enjoy tinkering with and customizing computers and I often undertake small software projects for personal use. When away from a computer, I like to do sport (the particular sport varies depending on the season and year) and I occasionally juggle. I graduated in Mathematics and Computer Engineering from UPC and I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Oracle.

The main content I have online is:

  • My blog, where I talk about privacy, software and other topics
  • My repositories, where all my public code is hosted
  • My LinkedIn profile, where you can find more information about my academic and professional life

Contact me

You can contact me sending an email to oscar@oscarbenedito.com.

If you want to encrypt your message using PGP, you can either use the Web Key Directory standard or get my public key from this address. My PGP key fingerprint is:

2D64 7040 7548 446A 3F35 D775 621D 67E0 9F48 82A6