Category: Projects

DAVup: back up your contacts and calendars

Meet DAVup! It is a simple script that will back up any contacts, calendars and to-do lists synchronized through CardDAV or CalDAV. I have always synchronized my contacts and calendars with online services to avoid losing them if something happened to my phone and to have them synchronized with my... Read more

Adding about pages to stagit

I use stagit to show the public repositories of my Git server on the web. I chose stagit because it is a very simple and lightweight tool, which makes tinkering with the source code very straightforward (which I have been doing a bit lately) and because the resulting website is... Read more

Designing a composing interface

To write my blog posts, I use Markdown, a useful language to write simple fragments of text. The text is then "compiled" into HTML, which is then served as a webpage. Since Markdown files are plain text files, I mostly have used plain text editors in the past to write... Read more

Creating a dark theme

The first contact I had with HTML and CSS was about two years ago, when I created my first website along with a friend who already had some experience with them, as well as with JavaScript. We used a premade theme (based on Bootstrap), so I didn't really learn much... Read more