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On not caring about your privacy

When talking about violations of our privacy, I've found that most people don't care because it is a thing that happens "far away" (who in that huge enterprise cares about me, my browsing habits, etc.?). I can see where those people are coming from, it looks as if you are... Read more

Centralized, decentralized and distributed networks

When we are trying to understand a communications network, having an approximate image of how the network operates can be very valuable. Do all communications go through the same node? Is there a central authority? Can nodes communicate directly with each other? Depending on how the network operates, we can... Read more

New domain name:

After a lot of thought, I have decided to change my domain to My website should be completely moved, however other services (including my email) are still under the domain, I will move them progressively when I have time to do so.... Read more

A new world of software

As I have said before, I was a big user of big tech companies' services. I also used macOS (and Windows before that) and proprietary software for mostly everything. I didn't really know what free1 software was and, if I was running any, it was by coincidence. At college, I... Read more

Ship scrappy

The only choice is to launch before you’re ready. Before it’s perfect. Before it’s 100% proven to be no risk to you. At that moment, your resistance says, “don’t ship it, it’s crappy stuff. We don’t ship crap.” And it’s true that you shouldn’t ship work that’s hurried, sloppy or... Read more