Category: Privacy

Blocking connections on Android

I have been a user of NetGuard for quite some time. It is a great Android app that lets you control which apps get Internet access and which don't. The paid version will allow you to block connection on a per-domain basis (for each app), as well as let you... Read more

On not caring about your privacy

When talking about violations of our privacy, I've found that most people don't care because it is a thing that happens "far away" (who in that huge enterprise cares about me, my browsing habits, etc.?). I can see where those people are coming from, it looks as if you are... Read more

File synchronization software: Syncthing

Syncthing is a file synchronization program. It allows you to sync files between computers over LAN or the Internet. It is a very simple program that just gets the job done. I use it to synchronize files between two computers and my phone. When synchronizing two computers, I find it... Read more

Backing up my computer

If you have important information on your computer, you probably back it up somehow. I used to save all my important files on Google Drive, which was convenient not only because it would make backups automatically, but because I could access my files from any computer, or even my phone... Read more

Switching to LineageOS with microG

One of the things I wanted to do when switching to more privacy-respecting providers was getting rid of Google Services on my phone. According to multiple articles, your Android phone gathers a lot of data and sends it to Google. It is true that my daily routine isn't a big... Read more